New Release: Seppelt Mount Ida 2022 Shiraz

We were very excited this week when we received the delivery of the 2022 Mount Ida Shiraz. The Mount Ida vineyard has a pretty unique history. Click on the video below and Dan will share it with you.

The Mt Ida Vineyard stands as a pioneering cornerstone of Heathcote’s winemaking legacy, its roots reaching back nearly 50 years to its establishment in 1975.

Situated on ancient volcanic soils, nourished solely by natural rainfall, and nestled in the shadow of the towering Mount Ida, this vineyard embodies the essence of its rugged surroundings.

From this terroir emerges the Seppelt Mt Ida Shiraz, a wine crafted in limited quantities and reserved for exceptional vintages. The 2022 vintage of Seppelt Mt Ida Shiraz showcases the quintessential characteristics of Heathcote Shiraz, with its deep hue and rich flavour profile. It speaks eloquently of the region’s renowned red Cambrian soils, delivering an expression of unparalleled intensity and complexity that reflects the unique terroir of this esteemed vineyard.

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