Seppelt Drumborg Traminer 2023 | $40 FREE DELIVERY

Seppelt Drumborg Traminer 2023 | $40 FREE DELIVERY

Introducing the newest addition to Seppelt’s prestigious Drumborg Vineyard Range – the Seppelt Drumborg Traminer ‘Gewürztraminer’. This exquisite wine is a testament to the unique terroir of the Seppelt Drumborg Vineyard, nestled in the cool-climate region of South-West Victoria’s Henty.

Planted in 1964 by Karl Seppelt, the Drumborg Vineyard stands as one of the southernmost vineyards on the Australian mainland. Its location exposes the vines to the bracing winds from the Southern Ocean, creating ideal conditions for producing wines of exceptional character and complexity.

For the first time, Seppelt proudly presents a Traminer under its Drumborg label, marking an exciting milestone for the estate. Traminer is renowned for its aromatic profile and thrives in cooler climates, making it a perfect fit for the Drumborg Vineyard’s unique environment.

Handpicked from our iconic Drumborg Vineyard, this Traminer is an expression of purity and balance. The cool growing conditions at Drumborg naturally preserve the delicate aromas and fine mineral acidity of the Traminer grape, resulting in a fragrant wine with a beautifully textured mid-palate.

After harvesting, the grapes undergo gentle pressing, and the juice is fermented in French oak vats. The wine is then left to mature on lees for seven months, allowing it to develop complexity and depth. The result is a wine that captivates the senses with its aromatic bouquet and elegant palate, showcasing the true essence of the Drumborg Vineyard.

Indulge in the distinctive charm of the Seppelt Drumborg Traminer – a wine that embodies the essence of its cool-climate origins and reflects the meticulous craftsmanship of Seppelt’s winemaking heritage.

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