How much do you know about Sparkling Shiraz?

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We know a lot about Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz, and we’d love to share some fun facts with you!

– Our first-ever Sparkling Shiraz was made here in our cellars in 1893 by a French Champagne maker named Charles Pierlot.

– This unique varietal is exclusive to Australia. When Pierlot arrived in Great Western from France to make “Champagne,” he faced a challenge as the traditional grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier) were not yet grown in the Grampians Region. So, he innovatively used Shiraz fruit.

– Sparkling Shiraz was originally called Sparkling Burgundy until the 1990s, when it was restricted to wines produced in Burgundy, France. If you ask for a “Sparkling Burgundy” at our cellar door, it might give away your age!

– Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz is considered the benchmark for Australian Sparkling Shiraz. It is also a Merit Three wine with The Real Review’s Wine Classification, one of only 36 wines in this top tier, scoring 98 points or more. It sits up there with Penfolds Grange!

– The Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz is produced only in exceptional vintages. If the fruit isn’t truly exceptional, they don’t make it. We currently have two vintages available: 2008 and 2012.

– In addition to the Show Sparkling Shiraz, we produce two other Sparkling Shiraz wines:

Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz and Seppelt Great Entertainer Sparkling Shiraz.

– You can purchase a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz starting at just $16.

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