Indulge the senses

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Indulge the senses

This pack has been put together to tantalise the taste buds, awaken the soul with beautiful aromas and give a sense of extravagance with texture. Featuring the iconic Seppelt Fleur de Lys NV Sparkling, delicious condiments from A Taste of Paris, a beautiful soy candle from Old Vine Candles and the ultimate handbag “with a hidden secret” from Cool Clutch.

Fleur de Lys is a sparkling Seppelt wine, crafted from leading cool-climate regions. Offering pure fruit flavour and a crisp, dry finish  Fleur De Lys is a suitable accompaniment to any occasion. The popular Seppelt Fleur de Lys Cuvee is an approachable non-vintage blend in a fresh and playful style that reflects a more sophisticated attitude and a delicate bead.

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Pack includes:

Seppelt Fleur de Lys Sparkling NV with Tasting card

Cool Clutch Bag - Black imitation crocodile skin design with wine ( lunch ) cooler insert.

Ogilvies & Co Cheese Board condiments set

Winex Champagne Stopper

Old Vine Candles “Champagne” Soy Candle

Seppelt Winery Great Western underground cellar tour pass for two adults :

Explore our heritage-listed labyrinth of underground cellars known as ‘The Drives’ on one of our guided tours. Providing a fascinating glimpse into Victoria’s wine pioneering history, ‘The Drives’ were excavated in 1868 by out-of-work gold miners, and are now the largest underground cellars in Australia with 3 kms of underground cellars.

Tours run 5 times a day, 7 days a week from 11am - 3pm and include a Sparkling wine tasting. Bookings are essential.