Experience the Elegance

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Experience the Elegance

When the everyday just isn't enough, this pack just elevates things to a new level. Featuring the beautiful Seppelt Salinger Premium Cuvee NV Sparkling, organic condiments from A Taste of Paris and the ultimate handbag “with a hidden secret” from Cool Clutch.

Seppelt is considered one of the pioneers of Australian sparkling wine producing its first vintage in the 1890s under the stewardship of Hans Irvine and Frenchman Charles Pierlot. An enduring dedication to sparkling excellence has been passed down by generations of winemaking greats ensuring the current range of sparkling wines both reflects the best of old traditions and modern innovation. With the classic sparkling varietals of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from premium vineyards, Seppelt Salinger NV is a wine of great finesse and balance with a luscious creamy mouthfeel. Rich yet delicate, it has a fine bead and crisp refreshing finish.

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Pack includes:

Seppelt Salinger Premium Cuvee NV Sparkling with Tasting card

Cool Clutch Bag - Gold, Black and White design with wine ( lunch ) cooler insert.

A Taste of Paris organic condiments pack

Urban Products stemless Champagne Flute x 2

Winex Champagne Stopper

Seppelt Winery Great Western underground cellar tour pass for two adults :

Explore our heritage-listed labyrinth of underground cellars known as ‘The Drives’ on one of our guided tours. Providing a fascinating glimpse into Victoria’s wine pioneering history, ‘The Drives’ were excavated in 1868 by out-of-work gold miners, and are now the largest underground cellars in Australia with 3 kms of underground cellars.

Tours run 5 times a day, 7 days a week from 11am - 3pm and include a Sparkling wine tasting. Bookings are essential.