Chardonnay kind of day

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Chardonnay kind of day

Perfect on a warm weekend, when the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the worries of the working week have been left behind. This pack is perfect for a picnic lunch or dinner in the outdoors. With the beautiful Seppelt branded glasses enjoy a glass of the Seppelt 2017 Jaluka Chardonnay and with the help of the innovative Glass on the Grass wine glass holders you can enjoy your glass of wine anywhere without the worry of accidently spilling it.

Jaluka Chardonnay harnesses the unique characteristics and cool maritime climate of Henty, and incorporates some parcels of fruit from Seppelt’s prized Drumborg Vineyard established in 1964 – one of the southernmost vineyards of mainland Australia. The 2017 expression features lively citrus and stone fruit characters with a creamy texture balanced by subtle French oak.

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Pack includes:

Seppelt 2017 Jaluka Chardonnay with Tasting card

Glass on the Glass 4 pack wine glass base for outdoor use

Seppelt Branded Wine Glasses x 2

Winex Aerator/Pourer

Seppelt Winery Great Western underground cellar tour pass for two adults :

Explore our heritage-listed labyrinth of underground cellars known as ‘The Drives’ on one of our guided tours. Providing a fascinating glimpse into Victoria’s wine pioneering history, ‘The Drives’ were excavated in 1868 by out-of-work gold miners, and are now the largest underground cellars in Australia with 3 kms of underground cellars.

Tours run 5 times a day, 7 days a week from 11am - 3pm and include a Sparkling wine tasting. Bookings are essential.