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Mount Ida Shiraz 2012, Mount Ida Shiraz 2013, Mount Ida Shiraz 2014

Seppelt Mount Ida is sourced from the extraordinary Shiraz growing region of Heathcote in Central Victoria; producing in small quantities and only on exceptional vintages. This Shiraz is named after Seppelt Wines dry-grown Mount Ida Vineyard, planted in 1975, one of the pioneering vineyards in the region. This pack showcases the excellence that the Mount Ida Vineyard produces year after year with vintages consisting of 2012, 2013, 2014. The 2012 vintage of the Mount Ida Shiraz has a complex aroma of anise and rosemary, tight black fruit and a hint of golden caramel. It has a light-to-medium body, with lots of light, smooth tannin. The 2013 vintage is in the full-bodied spectrum but the fruit maintains a vibrancy which is the perfect counterpoint to the subtle yet full tannins. The wine is dark yet youthful red in the glass, with a sage-like nose alongside dark plum and generous oak. The last wine in this pack is the Mount Ida Shiraz 2014, a smooth, ripe blueberry and vanilla palate with firm but not intrusive tannin. 

Additionally, this pack includes a complimentary pass for two adults to the historic underground cellar tour as well as a complimentary pass for two adults for a premium wine tasting in the Seppelt Cellar Door. Tastings notes included for all wines listed.