Seppelt The Great Entertainer

The Great Entertainer range offers a fresh and approachable collection of crowd-pleasing wines for any occasion. Inspired by Seppelt winemakers past and present and the famous Dame Nellie Melba story.

The Seppelt Winery at Great Western has the largest underground cellars (Drives) in the Southern Hemisphere and over the years, many a personality has visited. On special occasions, the distinguished visitor has bestowed his or her name on one of the underground drives, such as the 1910 Dame Nellie Melba Drive opening by the well known Diva.

Legend has it that whilst there to open her drive, Dame Nellie declared, in true Diva fashion, to then winery owner, Hans Irvine, that she would love to bathe in champagne. Hans, realising what a fabulous publicity stunt this would be for the promotion of his winery, quickly agreed. Hans instructed his cellar hands to place a bath in the Brandy Nook area of the underground cellars, behind the gate for privacy of course! It took 152 bottles of champagne to fill the bath but alas, Dame Nellie merely dipped her toe in the bubbly and declared she was not getting in because it was much too cold for her…. Once again Hans Irvine saw a business opportunity, ordering his cellar hands to rebottle the “bath” wine and selling it labelled as Dame Nellie Melba’s bath water Champagne. 

Wines included in the Great Entertainer range are: