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A Historic Winery Nestled in the Grampians

Seppelt Wines is a historic winery in Victoria, Australia’s Grampians Wine region. Founded in 1851 by Joseph Seppelt, this family-owned business has been producing award-winning sparkling wines for over 160 years. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Seppelt Wines has become one of… Continue Reading “A Historic Winery Nestled in the Grampians”

Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz – 3 Merit Wine

Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz has been the benchmark for all Australian Sparkling Shiraz and recently was awarded a ‘3 Merit Wine” classification from The Real Review. about the real review The Real Review Wine Classification of AustraliaOne of only two sparkling wines awarded as… Continue Reading “Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz – 3 Merit Wine”

Seppelt Brandy Nook

Deep underground in the maze of historic hand dug cellars known as The Drives at Seppelt Winery, Great Western is a room carved into the decomposed granite tunnels called The Brandy Nook. An intricate chandelier hangs from the ceiling illuminating this beautiful, rustic area… Continue Reading “Seppelt Brandy Nook”

What are the Different Champagne Bottle Sizes Called?

Bottles for wines are produced in a wide array of sizes and shapes. The main change in sizes and shapes for wine bottles began taking place in the early to mid 1700’s.The different wine bottle shapes and sizes started taking shape once it was… Continue Reading “What are the Different Champagne Bottle Sizes Called?”

Great Western Railway Line

Seppelt Wines in Great Western has a long and rich history of producing premium and award-winning Australian wines. With a lineage of 160 years of winemaking, the Seppelt family were first established in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, later purchasing the Seppelt Great… Continue Reading “Great Western Railway Line”

The Seppelt Shaft House

Gold discovery at Ballarat in 1851 sparked Victoria’s famous gold rush bringing thousands of migrants from all over the world to Victoria. Brothers Joseph and Henry Best tried their hands at prospecting on various goldfields, but realised that feeding the miners was more profitable… Continue Reading “The Seppelt Shaft House”

Ian McKenzie Museum

From the moment you pass through the iron gate into the magnificent, National Trust classified ‘Drives’ you’ll feel yourself take a journey back in time. The expansive, rustic tunnels stretch further than the eye can see, enticing you to wander further and explore their… Continue Reading “Ian McKenzie Museum”