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What to do in regional Victoria: visit Great Western

Keen for a relaxing get away and some indulgence not too far from home?  Pack up the car and head to Great Western, the wine and food village of the Grampians. This picturesque township is located on the Western Highway between Melbourne and Adelaide.… Continue Reading “What to do in regional Victoria: visit Great Western”

What are the Different Champagne Bottle Sizes Called?

Bottles for wines are produced in a wide array of sizes and shapes. The main change in sizes and shapes for wine bottles began taking place in the early to mid 1700’s.The different wine bottle shapes and sizes started taking shape once it was… Continue Reading “What are the Different Champagne Bottle Sizes Called?”

What is a “Muselet”

Have you ever noticed the small wire cage that fits over the cork of a sparkling wine bottle? Most of us peel back the shiny foil from the bottle with such anticipation you don’t even stop to admire this wire muzzle before popping the… Continue Reading “What is a “Muselet””

Sparkling Wine at Seppelt Great Western

Are you looking for family adventures that you and your kids can cherish for a lifetime? Are you visiting the Grampians and looking for a bottle of premium Grampians wine to take home as your souvenir? Look no further than Seppelt Great Western. Great… Continue Reading “Sparkling Wine at Seppelt Great Western”