Underground Dining at Seppelt Wines

With an overwhelming demand from wine enthusiasts, Seppelt Wines is thrilled to schedule their highly sought-after ticketed underground dining experiences. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey as you join our host for the ultimate Grampians dining experience, nestled beneath the surface of Seppelt Wines in Great Western. Step back in time to 1865 when Joseph Best, one of the pioneers of winemaking in Australia, commissioned local gold miners to excavate cellars known as “Drives.” These subterranean wonders span an impressive 3 and a half kilometers and took over 60 years to complete.

The extraordinary dining experience begins promptly at 6 pm in the Seppelt Wines Shaft House. As you arrive, your host will warmly welcome you with a glass of Salinger 2017 Sparkling wine, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. Prepare to descend into the depths of the winery, venturing into the heritage-listed underground cellars known as “The Drives,” accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Marvel at the history and craftsmanship that have shaped these hallowed halls of winemaking.

Seppelt Great Western Underground Dining

After the captivating tour, you will find yourself at the renowned “Brandy Nook.” Here, our talented chefs will be hard at work, crafting a culinary masterpiece for you to savor. Indulge in an exceptional 3-course meal meticulously paired with the exquisite wines from the Seppelt Foundation collection. Each bite will be a symphony of flavors, enhanced by the remarkable ambiance of the underground setting.

This is the Ultimate experience in the Grampians !

Prepare to create lasting memories as you relish in an underground dining experience like no other. The intimate surroundings, coupled with the tantalizing food and wine pairings, will transport you to a world where time stands still, and your senses are heightened. For wine lovers and connoisseurs seeking a truly remarkable gastronomic adventure, the Seppelt Wines underground dining experience promises an evening to remember. Immerse yourself in the rich history and exceptional flavors that have made Seppelt Wines a true Australian icon.

Ticketed sessions are open now – Book your tickets now and secure your place at this extraordinary event.