Seppelt Sparkling Wine Experience

Seppelt Sparkling Wine experience is for the wine connoisseurs, those who take a moment to assess what they are drinking before they drink it and those who just would like just a little more knowledge when it comes to sparkling wines. Seppelt Wines in Great Western have been making sparkling wines in Australia since the late 1800’s and have always been the biggest producer of Sparkling Wines in the Grampians wine region.

Your host, Kirsty Baker, our very enthusiastic sparkling wine lover and vinfluencer, will take you on the Seppelt Wine Sparkling journey;  show you the history in our cellars, explain how sparkling wine is different to champagne, what to look for on a bottle, how they are made and then onto the tastings of our white and red sparkling wines.  We will discuss opening bottles, glassware, and storage and then we will taste the entire collection of Seppelt Sparkling Wines, including the  Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz.  (2018 vintage). This amazing wine is one of only 36 wines in Australia that have been given The Real Reviews Wine highest Classification of Three Merits, and the only Sparkling Shiraz.  The Show Sparkling Shiraz is only tasted on special occasions, and this is a special occasion.

You will leave our cellars with more information and educated with an even bigger passion and love for Australian Sparkling Wines. Sparkling wines are exciting, let us share our excitement. 

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